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Morenci Candles Inc. is a family owned and operated business at 4763 Blue Flat Road in Gordon, Texas 76453, dedicated to Churches, Schools, Youth Groups and all organizations with fundraiser needs. We offer a very attractive round glass container candle with lid, hand poured with top quality fragrances and a fully blended paraffin wax. Morenci Candles are heavily scented, have two paper wicks, with a good liquid melt pool and an even burn. Please follow instructions on bottom of candle for best burning results. Average burn time for 12 oz. round candle is 60 to 70 hours depending on the fragrance oil, conditions and circumstances. We feel certain you will enjoy Morenci Candles as a fundraiser project and at the same time help earn needed cash for your organization.  Morenci Candles offers ten of our top selling fragrances for your fundraiser projects in a 12 oz. round container with a heavy thick glass lid and bottom with lip makes a very attractive candle.

Suggested retail price for Fundraiser candles is, depending on the economy in your area, $16.00 and not less than $11.00. Your cost for the 12 oz. container candle in Texas is $190.00 per case of 24, cost is $195.00 outside of Texas in the Continental United States (excludes Alaska and Hawaii, overseas and APO, etc.) shipping is free on orders of 96 candles or more.

This could be a profit of $3.08 to $8.08 per candle in Texas, depending on your sell price and location. We suggest you have a set time frame of approximately ten days to take orders and return order forms to your coordinator. Fundraiser coordinator turns in all paperwork and one combined order form of TOTAL orders to Morenci Candles. Fundraiser order cannot be shipped until all paperwork is completed and returned to us and payment is made. This includes a State Resale Certificate or a Tax exemption Certificate, whichever is in accordance with your organization, church or school, non-compete area agreement and suggested retail pricing agreement. 

YOU WILL NEED TO CONTACT US AT MORENCI CANDLES to order brochure forms, you will then receive 25 to 100 ( If additional order forms are brochures for a small fee of $25.00 that will be refunded IF TOTAL CANDLE SALES are 100 candles or more. We request two to three weeks from the date order is placed with Morenci Candles from fundraiser coordinator to manufacture, process and ship order. Depending on the time of year, most orders are ready to ship within one week or less. 
If we are not familiar with your school or organization and depending on number of candles turned in on your fundraiser, you may be required to pay one half of total before we begin manufacturing your fundraiser. If order is 100 candles or more (all candles will be shipped at one time to a single destination) the shipping is free.  Payment in full will be expected  before candles are shipped. Any order over $500.00 must be paid with a money order, cashiers check or credit card. Our office hours are Monday thru Friday, 9:00 A.M. until 3:00 P.M.  
Some organizations prefer to purchase their candles before hand and sell them at a particular function, this method is also available. For more information or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at MORENCI CANDLES, INC. (254) 693-5817. 
1. Provide us with the coordinator directors name and phone number. 
2. Provide us with the address to send Fundraiser Package. 
3. Let us know how many brochure/order forms will be needed, one per person. 
4. Contact us at the address below with a credit card or mail cashier's check or money order, made payable to: MORENCI CANDLES, INC. 4763 Blue Flat Road Gordon, TX 76453

Phone# (254) 693-5817. 
Fundraiser Kit Includes:

  • 25 to 100 Brochure/Order Forms (please specify how many) featuring TEN of our most popular scents
  • Step by Step Outline for Coordinator
  • Coordinator Tally Sheet
  • "Tax Exemption Certificate" returned to us completed and signed

The brochure will feature a picture of the 12 oz. candles with, "About Morenci Candles" information, complete order form with 10 scents and a short description of each scent listed. 

Your total investment, including shipping to one overall address is: $7.92 per 12 oz. candle in Texas or $8.13  per 12 oz. candle. shipping included outside of Texas in the continental United States excluding Alaska & Hawaii. Suggested retail value is $12.00 to $16.00. Your fundraisers team could make from $2.87 per candle sold up to $8.09 pure profit per each candle sold depending on your sale price and location.  

If you are not familiar with our candles or company, please call me and I can give you references of some of our fundraiser clients who have used us for years. I hope to hear from you soon! Pricing expires Jan 1, 2020.


Looking to add a quality product to your store or catalogue? Morenci Candles offers over 75 scents in two attractive glass container candle sizes. Learn more about our wholesale options today.


Selling Morenci Candles make the perfect fundraiser for your school or organization. Get started with your fundraiser today by visiting the Fundrasing Page.

4763 Blue Flat Rd.
Gordon, TX 76453
Ph: (254) 693-5817
Fax: (254) 693-5822
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